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help needed: owncloud contacts on vmware with IIS

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OK, I don't know much about this stuff.  I'm testing out owncloud on vmware as a contacts/calendar syncing solution.

host machine: win7 x64
vmware machine: win7 x64, network is bridged
owncloud v6, installed in AMPPS
IIS is enabled on the virtual machine
AMPPS Apache had a conflict with port 80, so IIS is enabled on port 8080

everything works fine in the virtual machine.  On the host machine, i can login to owncloud, but the contacts gives an error "failed loading groups" and basically doesn't work, contacts don't show up and it hangs.

It's not clear to me from google searches what the issue or resolution is, so I'm turning to you guys here.

Stoic Joker:
Why are you trying to run both Apache and IIS??

Why are you trying to run both Apache and IIS??
-Stoic Joker (June 30, 2014, 10:15 PM)
--- End quote ---

This. :tellme:

Is that bad?  lol.  I don't know!

Well, I'll explain...i was only running apache initially, but it wouldn't work outside the vm.  then i read i need to enable iis for owncloud in windows, so i did.  Then it worked outside the vm, but with that error.  Also, on my android phone, i can use owncloud outside the vm with no errors!  i don't get it.

i guess i can forget the vm and just try owncloud on my main machine with ampps.  without iis i suppose.

The error description is not too clear. Are you very sure nothing else is blocking the port(s) required by Owncloud/IIS?

You might want to use NAT networking instead of bridged networking. Networking can be fidgety sometimes when working with VMWare or any other virtualization software for that matter.

Which VMWare software are you using? Player? Workstation? There are some networking limitations in the Player software that could have an effect as well. Especially when you are using 192.168.x.x networking on your normal host/LAN and 10.0.x.x networking in VMWare/VirtualBox/etc.

In that case it could help to disable bridging and use the NAT functionality of VMWare to handle the network traffic between these different type of networks.


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