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I just downloaded the portable version .zip file of URL Snooper (2.34.01) onto a USB stick, and extracted it there.

If I use the USB stick on my Windows XP Pro (SP3) 32 bit computer, Snooper opens just fine.

But if I use the USB stick on either of my two Windows 7 Pro 64 bit computers (desktop and laptop), when I try to open the .exe file, I get this error message:

"URLSnooper.exe - System Error
The Program can't start because PACKET.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

Packet.dll is on my XP computer in the Windows\System 32 directory, but it is not on either of the Windows 7 computers, so I assume it is not installed by Windows. (Note: I have an earlier version of URL Snooper [2.26.01] installed ON my XP computer, so perhaps URL Snooper installed packet.dll then??)

I did note that on the Windows 7 computers, I had to run as an administrator. Not sure if that makes any difference.

Since it opens just fine on my XP, it must not be an installation problem. Have you seen this error, and if so, what is the solution?


URL Snooper still requires the WinPCap library to be installed on the machine.  The WinPCap installer is launched automatically by the URL Snooper installer, but will have to be run manually on machines where you are trying to run URL Snooper portably.

I realize these makes URL Snooper portable use somewhat less convenient, but it's out of my hands.

It *MIGHT* be possible to use the WinPCap DLLs somewhat portably with out running the WinPCap installer, and putting thee DLLS in the URL Snooper directory -- if someone figures out how, let us know.

Thanks for the very rapid reply.

The restriction you mentioned doesn't make it very portable, unfortunately. Might as well just install 2.34.01 on each computer, which is what I did.

It has been several years since I used URL Snooper, and I have a very basic problem, which I could not find addressed in the FAQ, etc.

If I Manually Scan a URL, or if I Perform a URL Search on Files on my computer, it all works just fine. And it finds my Network Adapter just fine. And when I sniff the network, it receives 50-100 packets (0 buffered locally). However, nothing is displayed in Index, Timestamp, URL, etc. I am sure I am doing something stupid, but I can't figure out what it is.


@mouser - pls allow me to step in here : I, as well, started the portable version for the first time today and encountered a missing packet.dll pop-pup.
I then went on to the home page of URL Snooper where I would expect info about installation and/or this packet warning thing.
Regretfully it is not there.
Maybe add a remark there about the installation of the portable version and a link to the installation?

Just a postively meant tip.


Has anything changed since this topic was posted. 

What is the difference between the portable and installed versions? 


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