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Capture only part of a scrolling window

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I have Adobe Reader X (10.1.10), and it does have the Poster Print Option.

I tried that, and it appears to have worked !

It prints the captured picture in Landscape mode, but at this is good.

I understand you comment about having to paste sections of a capture into Word on different pages.
That makes sense, since Word is looking for syntax/commands...e.g., carriage returns, page breaks, etc., to process.

Regarding my reply your earlier comment (below), how can I select/see a portion of a multi-screen area to be cropped/captured ?

> EDIT// no, not as successful as I thought - easiest solution would be to crop your image
> I do not understand what your reply.

The problem with cropping is that I cannot see the red rectangle to scroll down the screen

Say that the screen's horizontal width is X, and its vertical length is Y
Say that I want to crop a width x < x and a length y < Y.
After initial view of the red rectangle, it disappears.
So, I have no idea where it is if I am trying to scroll down the screen,

Thanks to all for your comments/suggestions !

The cropping would be done afterwards:

* Open the main SC window after you have saved your capture
* If your image is not already selected, select it in the thumbnail panel on the left
* Click and drag in the image to select an area you want to keep
* Click on the crop button on the toolbar on the right (see mouse pointer below)
Capture only part of a scrolling window

(click image to enlarge)


That worked ... thanks !

Can you edit a pdf file with SC ?

I tried editing a pdf file via Dragging & Dropping it onto the edit window.

I received this dialog box (jpg file attached), but I received no picture to edit...just a blank edit area.

Thank you

I couldn't find a way to capture the pop-up Dialog Box.
I used the program SnapShot to capture the image of the Dialog Box, so that I could attach it.

Can I capture an dynamic window (e.g., Dialog Box) that pops-up in front of the image that I am trying to edit ?

1) you cannot edit a PDF unless you give Adobe about 500 dollars for the privilege :) even then it's often problematic - the format was designed as a final product that would (hopefully) look the same on every machine.


2) Re taking screenshots of SC windows/dialogues/etc
Go to
Preferences: Basic Capturing > Capture options
and deselect "Hide SC window"


Thanks for your reply ... but your suggestion did not work.

The Dialog Box that pops-up over-rides control of SC functionality...I can't do anything.

Would I need to do I new Capture of the entire window and then crop it to get just the Dialog Box,
or should I be able to just crop the current screen in which the Dialog Box is appears ?

Either way, I can't ... I have no control of  SC.   
I have to make a selection which the closes the Dialog Box in order to regain control of SC.


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