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Capture only part of a scrolling window

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I am new to this program, and have been experimenting with it.

Say that I am viewing a web page that fills multiple screens (vertically) on my laptop in order to view the entire web page.

Now, say that I want to capture the scrolling window...but not all of it.

Say that I only want to capture the first one and a half pages out of 7.
And, I want the captured image to be the same size as you would see when viewing the web page:
not scrunched (reduced) to fit the captured information on one page, vertically.

It's OK if the captured image takes more than one page (or more than one sheet of paper when printed).

How can I do this ?

Thank you


Using manual scrolling capture:
(which is fairly new so I'm not sure how well it is documented)

* Click in your window
* Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr
* Window will be framed with red line
* Ctrl+Click in window
* Click on Option 2 (Manual Scroll) in the dialogue that opens
* Follow instructions,
* Scroll as much or as little as you want
* Follow instructions (Guess margins; Guess overlap) best look at it @ 100% to see it's okay
Havent used it much but it's been 100% successful here so far.

Hi Tom:

Thank you for your feedback.
I have tried it but am unable to make things work...what I see on-screen doesn't match your instructions.

Here are my details:

I open Screenshot Captor (SC): a new/empty window appears.

You say

1) "Click in your window"

Which window (SC or the one that I want to capture ?)

2) Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr

If I do this in the SC window, nothing happens.

If I do this in the window that I want to capture, nothing happens.

In SC, if I go under the Capture menu I can choose Grab Windows Object or Scrolling Window (Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr)  which matches your 2nd bullet.
It takes me to the window I want to grab (assuming it is open in another Chrome tab) and the complete window is outlined in red...
with a box near the top stating the "ojbect size (length x width), and says Ctrl_Click to capture ... or ... press right Ctrl or use menu at left".

This brings up a screen saying, "Ok, you've selected an object.  Now what ?"

There are 4 choices.

1 - Save the Selected Object/Region Imgae
2 - Save the Selected Object/Region Image and Choose Another
3 - Begin a Scrolling Window Capture on this Object
4 - Capture Multiple Images, One for each Child Control

I do not see your Option 2 (Manual Scroll)
If I click Option 2 (above), a screen snapshot is taken of only the current window.

Now I click in the window that I want to capture part of.
I am not presented with a way to capture part of a scrolling window, and the Guess margins; Guess overlap options
are presented if I select Option 3, but that option scrolls through the entire window, and it saves it as a picture that is
shrunk vertically to fit on one page when printed.
I don't see a way to capture just part of it,

What am I missing ?

Thank you


if I select Option 3, but that option scrolls through the entire window, and it saves it as a picture that is
shrunk vertically to fit on one page when printed.
--- End quote ---

sounds like you may not have most recent version.

indeed option 3 is what you should choose, and then you should get a dialog that lets you select to do a manual scroll.

Hi DaleB
you dont need the SC main window open at all -
by click in the window, I meant the window you want to do a capture of.

You can update e.g. by right-clicking the tray icon.


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