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Researchers find out how governments hijack phones

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Stoic Joker:
Just how stupid do they think people are when reading that?-Renegade (June 25, 2014, 09:42 AM)
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Have you ever worked in Tech Support..?

We will refuse to provide or we will stop supporting our technologies to governments or government agencies that:
We believe have used HT technology to facilitate gross human rights abuses.
Who refuse to agree to or comply with provisions in our contracts that describe intended use of HT software, or who refuse to sign contracts that include requirements that HT software be used lawfully.
Who refuse to accept auditing features built into HT software that allow administrators to monitor how the system is being used.-Hacking Team Customer Policy
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Now, define Administrator for me.. (Edward...)

When I worked as telephone support for Sprint cellular, we had a few callers that proved to be entertaining in their kookiness.  One lady called and just started telling me how the government had tapped her phone and how they would shut it off randomly just to let her know they were listening and could control everything about it and that they knew her location at all times.  "Uh-huh... Yeah?.... Wow, really?" was about all I could bring myself to say, especially when she mentioned how many meds she was taking regularly.  
Finally she said the reason for her call was to check her balance of minutes.  I gave her the information and the phone signal started breaking up.  She commented "Yep, that means they're triangulating on my signal, I should probably go."  I wished her a good day and hung up with more than a little skepticism.

Reading this, I'm a little less skeptical... :o


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