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Need help with some string manip in C#

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I think the following algorithm will get you what you want (or close):

  - remove any characters that are not an alpha, a digit, or a decimal point
  - replace runs of alpha characters with a space

Now you have a space-delimited string of the numbers you're looking for.

Some things that might need work or modification:

  - if you want to allow negative numeric values, then you might need to handle the minus sign specially (you discarded it in my question's example, so I figure you're not interested in negative values)
  - if you want to allow a comma to be used as a decimal separator

But I think the basic idea gets you what you're looking for.

I think a regex is the way to go.  Easy to make one that ignores whitespaces, etc.

That looks workable,  Ren. But any regex would need to capture and replace whitespace before,  among and after the numbers: "9. 07" becomes "9.07", and " 7   6 . 04" becomes "76.04"
-kyrathaba (June 21, 2014, 07:13 PM)
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While you can do something like:

( )?([0-9 ]+)\.([0-9 ]+)( )?

You can also concat the capture groups and use string.Trim() or string.Replace(). That's simple and reliable.

Yeah, I installed Regulator, but I really need to do some studying of regexes.

RegexHero is another you might want to try.  Regexbuddy is the best Regex editor that I've come across.


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