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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Hello everyone:

I am a newcomer to GridMove, and I have to say that I am ecstatic that I found it!  It is a perfect, simple, elegant solution to a growing problem.  I have two 24" widescreen monitors, with very specific ideas about how I would like my windows to be arranged, and GridMove solves the problem perfectly.

I will be working on my own Grid, but for now I have a few questions about the existing ones:

When I look at the items available in the Templates menu of the system tray applet, I see twelve templates, several of which appear to be duplicates.

When I look in the Grids directory of the installation directory, I only see six templates.  How do these relate?

Unfortunately, the template that I would really love to start with is the Dual-screen grid, but that's one of them that doesn't appear in the Grids directory.

Assuming that I can obtain the .grid file for the Dual-screen grid, that would lead to my next question:  Is there an automatic way to have the Monitor X grid be a mirror image of Monitor Y's grid?  I like the dual-screen grid pretty well, but I would prefer to have the smaller windows on the outside edges of each screen.  If there is no automatic mirroring support, it's no big deal -- I assume I can just hand-create a two-monitor setup that accomplishes the mirroring.

Thanks again for a great implementation of a great idea.

Tim Crews

Hi tim!
I'm glad you like gridmove :)

The thing you refer about having too many grids in the "templates" is caused by "historical" reasons. When gridmove started, it didn't have custom grids. Thus, it only had those 6 predifined grids, which are defined in the code itself (with a different syntax than the ones on .grid files). Until i convert all of them to .grid files, i'll have to keep those.

The best way for you to get a grid similar to that one, would be to edit the 3-part grid which is pretty similar (only doesn't have that big vertical element).

About having one screen mirroring the other one.. Currently it's not possible, the best way to do that would be for you to make the first monitor, and then copy and paste all that into a file, then using a text editor, change all the "monitor1" to "monitor2" and incrementing the numbers correctly. That's how i do it :)

(i know, making grid files is really a pain. I've thought about a better syntax, but really couldn't come up with anything as powerful but simpler :( )


when I tried GridMove in the past, it didn't properly work with Putty (or vice versa). Now, I found a post in the autohotkey forum with a workaround (
OK, I looked at the PuTTY code...
As I expected, it uses complex code to handle the different options and move by steps if needing to resize by text cells.
It uses a notification I didn't knew the existence until now: WM_ENTERSIZEMOVE and its companion WM_EXITSIZEMOVE.
As I understand them, this allows to reduce the repaints or, as here, of resizings (snapping to text cell sizes), when the user drags the borders with the "Display window content while moving them" option.

The workaround is therefore simple:

Code (Copy):
SetTitleMatchMode 2

WinMove PuTTY, , , , 667, 756
SendMessage WM_EXITSIZEMOVE, , , , PuTTY


It would be awesome if you could put something like this into GridMove.

jschwarz you're now my hero!!!

I've fixed the putty thing, i'll be updating gridmove in a bit ;)

Sorry, i uploaded a wrong version, it's fixed now. if someone downloaded in the past 5 minutes, please redownload :)


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