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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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My comment will be "focus on your exams", you can do that later when you have more time.

Unfortunatelly, many windows don't actually get the size they are moved to
--- End quote ---
Well, I have no clue how you are doing this, but I recently discovered Windows API functions. I played a bit with some of them in VBA, and this quite straight forward. I assume in your case you have to use the GetWindowRect Function

where the lpRect structure is something like this

Private Type lpRect
    Left As Long
    Top As Long
    Right As Long
    Bottom As Long
End Type

Anyway, I am sure that you will find a way...

Good luck for your exams!

Just a little something for those that have an OS that supports better icons (or have a cool launchbar with gridmove in it :P)

I have attached to this post a 128x128 version of gridmove's icon! :D

jgpaiva, Thanks! - this program of yours is truly awesome and is the cause for me registering here :beerchug:.

I have attached a grid file for TripleHead2Go users. (I also made and attached another for 2 TH2G in vertical span mode (2 screens high, 3 screens wide) :P)

Both files have intentional blank spots (in case you start dragging a window and change your mind). The TH2G.grid file also has two additional areas defined (in case someone wants more zones) but not active.

1) Unless you are using a TH2G with three monitors you don't need the TH2G.grid file.
2) The TH2Gx2.grid is only for six monitors in a 3w*2h spanned setup (seen as one LARGE monitor)

Edit2: Updated grids in grid thread: -->

Can some body please make a Dual-Screen Reverse?

And is it possible to have a Dual-Screen & Dual-Screen Reverse loaded at the same time, that you can easily switch between by moving the mouser to certain zone?

what do you mean by dual-screen reverse, mitzevo?

Tyinsar: thanks a lot!! these are the kind of posts that keep me going ;)

I just tested your grids, and you must have a giant monitor! Some of the elements are so small in my monitor that when i move stuff there, the windows aren't resized to that size, but get a bit larger :P


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