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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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I have the lastest version.

I launch it from the quicklaunch.

I'll try launching it a couple of times off the executable, will report later.

P.S: geez what a quick response  ;D

Found the problem about the help file missing, it has to do with the working folder. If you launch it with farr, for example, you get that error. It also happens when you launch through a shortcut in which the working folder isn't gridmove's folder.

Now (trying to) fixing it.

Ok.. This was a serious bug. Thanks a lot.

It involved making a lot of changes, thus, i wouldn't be surprised if i introduced new bugs.. Let's see if anyone can find any.

HEy no problem, it's a good feeling when you can help improve something u use and like.

And yet another update.
I added the feature you asked for, afm. (sorry for taking so much time!!)

Just download the latest version and run it once. Your ini will be updated, then, edit it (GridMove.ini), and insert a bigger value for "TitleLeft", under "Program Settings". Then, reload GridMove and you're set to go.

I didn't add this as an option as i think it's more of a tweak.


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