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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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The author just linked me here to solve a related problem I've got with my system. I have 2 monitors that are arranged as a single double-wide monitor (because of a deficiency in VMWare). I wanted a way to size windows so they'd still respect the physical monitor boundaries, even though Windows in the VM isn't aware of them.

It turns out that GridMove does a pretty good job of this. I've tweaked the built-in EdgeGrid a bit to work in my case, and I'm uploading it here for all to benefit from.


* Remove extraneous Monitor2 and Monitor3
* Dragging to left edge only maximizes width to 1/2 of the screen (i.e., one physical monitor)
* Add a similar right edge
* Change the center pseudo-maximize region. There are now 2 regions, one in the middle of each physical display; dropping into it fully maximizes to that half of the display (i.e., within the bounds of that physical monitor)Caveat: For some reason I'm a couple of pixels off on the width (rounding?), but I think it's plenty good enough.

First of all I'd like to thank for the great app. Fantastic work indeed.

I was trying to adding a custom icon for GridMove, however I had difficulties in compiling the source.

I also tried to change it using a AutoHotkey app meant for changing icons in compiled .ahk scripts yet I didn't succeed.

How would you go about with doing this?

Well... For that, you don't really need to recompile it.
GridMove already supports custom icons. You only have to put your custom icon on the /images folder, with the name 'gridmove.ico'.

Where are the grid  files stored?

Where are the grid  files stored?
-Coeluh (June 29, 2007, 06:57 AM)
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Once you run GridMove for the first time, everything is unpacked to the directory where GridMove is launched. Thus, they should be in a folder called "Grids", located where GridMove's executable is.


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