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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Just to add, squares 8 and 6 should keep the same functionality (2 part vertical) as I use this a lot.

And if you fancy the challenge of making it the grid of all grids, I would like to see some way of snapping windows to the corners but in the area occupied by squares 1,2,4 and 3. Ie. NOT a full quarter of the screen, but to the actual size of the squares as shown on screen. The ability to snap to the existing areas should all be retained as part of the grid though.

This is getting complicated, and I have the grid in mind. Does it make any sense to you?

Feel free to give up!

Richard S:
jgpaiva: (Re the discovered bug--dragging window across another window to a third position) you've got a great program here.  Extremely useful.  I find multiple monitors to be a pain, especially if they're not the same size.  I much prefer having everything on colossal monitor--which makes your utility a godsend.

Another oddity: after I've snapped a window to a grid position, I have difficulty (perhaps impossibility) snapping another window onto the top of the previously snapped window, i.e., onto the same grid position.  In other words, a snapped window doesn't seem to like having another window snapped onto the top of it.  I seem first to have to change the shape of the first-snapped window so that it is no longer contiguous with the underlying grid position, then I can snap onto the same grid position.

I'm running Vista.


this isn't really of much help but i can snap windows on top of each other - i'm not running vista but i wouldn't have thought that to be the problem.

this isn't really of much help but i can snap windows on top of each other - i'm not running vista but i wouldn't have thought that to be the problem.
-nudone (February 15, 2007, 02:54 PM)
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Yeah, I'm also not sure why that'd happen, Richard S.
BTW, was that bug solved through the pm i sent you?

Richard S:
jgpaiva: No, the pm you sent me doesn't change either of the two quirks I've described above.

With a little more use under my belt now, maybe I can more precisely describe the quirk in response to which you sent me the pm:

If, when trying to left-button-drag (ie invoking GridMove) a window to an open spot on my monitor (ie where I can theretofore see Windows desktop) in order to snap it to a distant grid position, my dragging mouse crosses a pre-existing window in between, the window I am dragging jumps back to the location from which I moved it, and my GridMoving mouse instead picks up the window I cross and moves that latter window to the empty space on the monitor I'm dragging to.

I seem to encounter this problem whether or not either the window I'm trying to drag or the window I drag my mouse pointer across on the way to my destination, or both, is a previously-snapped-to window or instead a new window that has not yet been snapped to any grid position.

If I can carefully drag the window I'm trying to move so that my mouse pointer itself doesn't cross any other window, I can successfully move the window I'm trying to move to the destination to which I'm trying to move it.  So I either need an open path (ie no windows) to move along, or I need to first either drag intermediate windows out of the way or temporarily Minimize them--ie get them off my screen.

Great product.  Very usable in its current state.


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