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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Richard S:
Another question, if you all don't mind.  I tried using RunDemo.grid.  Is there any way to get out of that template what the pixel co-ordinates of the saved former window position were?

I ask because I very regularly use KeyText's mouse-manipulation functionality to copy, in automated, highly-repetetive fashion, various data out of a standardized Adobe Acrobat page (ie the various bits of data are in standardized positions on the page).  For this automated copying (and pasting in another program, which then manipulates the data) of the various data in the Adobe page to work, the Adobe window has to be of the exact same size and in the exact same position on my screen each time I do this.

If I could use RunDemo.grid to move my precisely-positioned Adobe window to any other location and could then somehow extract out of RunDemo.grid what the pixel coordinates of the Adobe window were before it was moved, I could create a custom GridMove template that incorporates those pixel co-ordinates so that I could thereafter always reliably snap my Adobe window to the necessary position.

So, can I somehow get RunDemo.grid to declare the co-ordinates of the pre-move window position?

An odd request, but many thanks if anyone has ideas.

sorry, i can't answer that one. that's definitely one for jgpaiva.

Still using this great app and still loving it!

jgpaiva - as you have confesssed to being on vacation now, may I refer you to an earlier post I made HERE ?

I have tried to have a play but was unsuccessful. Any chance you could help me out with creating this grid?

It does of course mean the 'cancellation window' is lost but I am happy to press Esc. to cancel.

Many thanks, keep it up!

Richard S: sorry for the late response, but i wasn't at home and didn't have web connection.
You can have access to the value saved by that run grid by opening the "windowpositions.exe.ini" under the \plugins directory. That ini file has all the information stored through that plugin. Here's an example:

--- ---[Vim]
This has the values for VIM and mIRC windows.

spyda: i think i can do that. Just tell me: you mean having a grid just like AxCrusik's grid, but with the middle square working just like the vertical-2-part?


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