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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Congratulations jgpaiva on producing an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC piece of software!

I recently bought my other half a new laptop which had Acer's Gridvista incorporated. I was impressed by it and decided to give it a go but soon found the limitations far too limiting. That's when I set about looking for an alternative and this is definintely it! Wait till she see's it installed on my lappy! :-p

I have a request if I may ... and it's related to AxCrusik's template request.

This template does almost everything I want it too, and I agree it would be a very useful inclusion in future releases of this s/ware.

However, I would love to see a slight change (if it is possible), and it's a little tricky but I will try and explain.

I would like to see this template combined with the 3-part grid template. The trigger square in the middle would be divided into two so that the right half causes the dragged window to be placed in boxes 2,3,5,6 and 7 and the middle zone so that you end up with 3 zones down the left and one large one on the right. Similarly, dragging to the left half of the middle square would cause the dragged window to be displayed on the left of the screen in zones 1,4,5,7 and 8 and the middle zone so that you see one large window on the left and three down the right side.

Ideally, in each scenario I would have only two zones on either the left or the right rather than three (as with the 3-part grid) but I am not sure if this is possible?

I tried using just the AxCrusik and 3-part grid templates and cycling through using the right mouse click but when I came to order the grids, the AxCrusik one did not show when cycling. In any case, I would prefer to have the two grids combined in one if at all possible (and make use of that space in the middle of the screen at the same time).

Again, a fantastic piece of software. A template such as the above would make it JUST what I am after!

Many thanks jgpaiva, and to AxCrusik for the template design!

This little 'challenge' is of course open to anybody ;-)

:) spyda
Thank you for your kind words. It makes me very happy when i find someone that likes my software!
Unfortunatelly, i can't help you right now with making a new grid. I'm pretty busy with school and at possibly i won't be able to update anything untill the end of the next week.
You could try to learn how to do them (there's a how-to somewhere on this thread, a few pages ago, and there are a bunch of custom grids made already), or if you don't get any answers from anyone, remember me during the next week ;)

i've just had an idea that i think is gridmove related. it could be a new app but i think it could be a useful feature for gridmove - maybe the next step. see what you think, jgpaiva...

rather than moving the windows so that they 'snap' into predefined grids by first moving them to trigger 'zones' how about this - as an EXTRA feature:

1. you have a few program windows open - currently visible on your desktop. some larger than others, the user has just moved them around a bit so that they can see enough of the contents of each window as they need to.

2. the user then hits a hotkey combination - or selects from a menu - or maybe uses some kind of trigger zone to drag a title bar into.

3. the program windows that are currently visible then automatically resize themselves so that they try to maximise their area without overlapping another program window. each window tries to maintain the same kind of percentage/ratio of screen area that they had, whilst going through the the auto resize process.

so. the idea is: you set your windows out in a quick 'rough' layout with gaps in between them (so you can see the desktop through the gaps), then you hit the hotkey (or whatever) and the windows automatically resize themselves so that they try to close the gaps between each other - hiding the desktop below.

i hope you like the idea, i have no idea if it would be simple or a nightmare to implement. it appeals to me because if it worked well it would actually remove the need to have predefined grids (though these would still be useful). the grid would, in effect, be created on the fly to accommodate the current program windows that were open.

if possible then overlapping windows would also be capable of being 'intelligently' resized and moved. you could (hopefully) just open a could of windows move one the the left and one to the right of the screen - hit the hotkey and the two windows would stay on their respective sides of the screen but maximise their area.

i know that windows operating systems will already tile horizontally and vertically any windows that are visible but it won't try to lay windows out in a patchwork grid like display - it can only tile across or down.

any thoughts?

I am not able to get GridMove to work! The first time I run it, the program freezes after I click "OK" on the info box about tooltips. The .ini file is created and so is an empty plugins directory. When I run the script after windows kills it, I get the GridMove tray icon. However it is not clickable and none of the functions of GridMove work. Same thing happens after deleting the newly created files.

I am running the latest version of GridMove on Windows XP. I also have the latest version of AutoHotkey. I'd love to use GridMove if I could!


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