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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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if you draw the grid you are describing on a bit of paper and scan it in - and upload it here - then i'll have a go at your grid when i get a few free moments.

The grid I have in mind is too confusing to draw on one page so I broke it down into layers. It might seem complicated at first but once you understand how it works it is actually quite simple. There are 8 triggers (think of tic tac toe without the middle square). The four corner ones snap the window to that corner of the screen. There are four side triggers and they snap the window to that side (half) of the screen. Here are some images. I hope they help. Thanks again for trying to help me with this.

Ok, i hope this is what you're looking for! (with support to up to 3 monitors :) )

(see attached file)

You are remarkable! That is exactly what I wanted. You should think about making that design a default template (or think about incorporating it into the edge grid template. Thanks very much!

You had a goo idea, that grid is very well thought. Yes, i'm thinking about packing it with the next version of gridmove, as an extra .grid file ;)
Thank you  :Thmbsup:


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