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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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it is doing something different, jgpaiva.

the restore function is making the window move to the right position vertically but it's remaing at the edge of the screen, so no change with the horizontal positioning.

? it might be because of the grid i'm using so i've included it here.

if you have the time for it, jgpaiva, then rather than trying to fix the restore problem, could you perhaps try implementing this workaround idea...

instead of the window correctly restoring to its original position, instead, could it move its title bar so that it was positioned under the mouse cursor.

in other words. you move the window to the 'restore' zone. the window changes size to the correct 'restore' size. the window then positions itself so that the titlebar rests under the mouse cursor - the mouse cursor will be somewhere inside the 'restore' zone area, of course.

this way it's just a case of dragging the titlebar/window back to the position on screen that you would like it to be.

like i mentioned before, i'm quite happy with how things are working at the moment anyway. these are just ideas.

Sorry... I made a huge mistake, i uploaded the previous (not-updated) version again, that's why it isn't working.. Please download the one attached to this post (i will remove the other one)


that works perfectly. many thanks, jgpaiva.

i'll let you know if there are any 'bugs'.

Wow! This is the most useful program ever! I have been looking for something like this for a long time and I was starting to think that a program like this does not exist.
I am having some trouble getting the gridcreator to work though. I would really appretiate it if someone could make me a custom grid. I have been trying to make a grid that has large triggers in each of the corners and triggers between each of them on each side of the screen (like the edgegrid template but with bigger corner triggers and thicker edge triggers. I want the corner triggers to snap the window to the same quarter of the screen as the trigger. I want the top and bottom edge triggers to snap the window to the to half and bottom half of the screen respectively. I want the left and right edge triggers to snap the window to the left and right half of the screen respectively.
Thanks to anyone who can help me out. It doesn't seem like this should be to difficult but every time I try to set this up in grid creator, only about half of the triggers actually work when I load the grid.


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