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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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I know what this problem is.
GridMove stores the window state before moving it. But, using the edge trigger, the trigger is only activated when the window is at the edge of the screen, so, that's the position in what it's stored. I'm not quite sure how i can solve that.
But you mentioned it's new to this version, would you please describe to me what it did in prior versions?

well, unfortunately, i don't know what it did in previous versions because i never used a grid with the 'restore' zone built into it - so, i'd guess that it would have worked exactly like you say.

i'll forget about the restore feature - i understand now why you've made it the way it is. i'll just use a specified central window size that i can 'restore' windows to instead of actually 'restoring' them.

no worries.

not sure if you could do this but i was wondering if you could get around the 'restore' problem mentioned above by 'forcing' the restored window to center in the screen.

so, it would get it's restore size correct but instead of sticking to the edges of the screen it would jump to the center.

i'm hoping it might be possible as my work around fixed size 'restore' method isn't anywhere near as good the true restore that works normally.


to make even more impossible demands: would it be possible so that after the restore function has taken place - at the edges of the screen - the mouse cursor locks onto the titlebar so that you can drag the window to a better screen position?

i know, i know, why ask for such things. i just feel it would return the 'flowing' nature of how the program works - with less clicks of the mouse and kind of intelligent, useful automation in moving windows about.


ignore me, i'm just being picky.

just had another idea:

(might not be really related to gridmove but i'll make the suggestion here anyway.)

would it be possible to resize a window by left clicking (and holding) on the titlebar and then rolling the mouse wheel either up or down.

this is similar to how a few graphics programs 'zoom' in and out of an image, i.e. by using the scroll wheel on the mouse, sometimes with the addition of holding a key down at the same time.

it's just a thought.


Ok... The "restore" + EdgeDrag should now be fixed!  :Thmbsup:

Please download the attached .exe for the most recent version. Haven't put it in the site because it hasn't been fully tested, and i had to change a whole bunch of stuff. Given the advanced hour, it's most possible that there are some bugs.

I've played with it for a bit, and it looks a bit more responsive (hopefully ;) ), the restore seems to work properly (when using the edge method, it restores to the point where the person grabed the window before moving it to the edge), and, most of all, the code got some important structure, which hopefully will make further updates easier. Let's hope so ;)

Now... I expect feedback :D

(sorry, no .zip file because i'm sleepy and it'd take forever to upload)

[edit]Wrong file, please download from the following post: [/Edit]


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