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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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i mentioned the above 'bug' as i've not got any of the windows set on top - i don't use that feature much.

i'm getting the problem with newly opened windows - well, all windows.

just checked to make sure and it's definitely doing it with every window i open.

this is a general autohotkey question that has been answered before on the forum but i'll ask it here as i think it worth bringing up...

i use 'dialogmove' and 'gridmove' and just a little thing i did for moving windows with keyboard shortcuts (well, i did until i deleted it so i need to write the script again). i'm wondering, is there any advantage to putting dialogmove and gridmove into the same .ahk file - i feel i'm talking rubbish as my system is more than fast enough to cope with a couple of .ahk files running at the same time - but, if there is a perceivable improvement to be gained then perhaps it is worth considering.

really, i'm just looking for an answer to be along the lines of "don't be an idiot, i have several .ahk files running simultaneously at no detriment to the speed of my operating system."

i just have one of those nagging thoughts and i need it to be eradicated (please).

Long time, no see!!
GridMove 1.18 is here!!

Ok, i did a small update. I think the problem with the highlight not appearing on top should be fixed now. I also added the "run" grid. It works in a similar way to the restore, maximize and ontop grids. Here's the syntax:

--- ---  GridTop      = Run
  GridLeft     = filename
  GridBottom = name to be displayed
  GridRight    = working directory

"GridTop" must be Run. GridLeft is the name of the file to be ran, GridBottom is the name to be displayed on the grid (like "restore", "maximize" and "ontop" currently do) and GridRight is the working directory (which can be ommited).

As for your doubt, here's the explanation.
When running an ahk script, a bunch of stuff is loaded. If it has hotkeys (like dialogmove and gridmove do), it loads one keyboard hook for each one. A mouse hook is also loaded. All this takes around 3-4mb per each script. So, joining them would spare you 3-4mb of ram. Now, if you don't have a 486 with 12mb of ram, this shouln't be a problem, and believe me: it'd be an almost impossible task, as ahk mostly uses global variables (actually, this is not ahk's fault, it's mine) and it isn't purelly multi-threaded.
Believe me, it surely isn't worth the trouble, and if you don't have loads of ahk scripts you woudn't notice the difference.
On the other hand, if it makes you feel better, you could join the small script you made with dialogmove, which is way simpler than gridmove. But don't think too much about it ;)

thank, jgpaiva. great to see an update - i knew you'd have one sooner or later.

i'll try the new version over the weekend and report back - i can't really get to my main pc at the moment.

unfortunately i don't seem to be able to get the 'run' grid working. i've tried a couple of different programs to try and run but i can't even get the title of the program to appear in the grid.

here's an example of what i've tried:

--- ---  TriggerTop   = [Monitor1Top]
  TriggerLeft  = [Monitor1Left]
  TriggerBottom= [Monitor1Bottom]
  TriggerRight = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /2
  GridTop   = Run
  GridLeft  = C:\Program Files\Maxthon\Maxthon.exe
  GridBottom= Maxthon
  GridRight = C:\Program Files\Maxthon
i tried a similar thing with 'notepad++'. am i just doing it completely wrong?

also, the grid highlight not appearing on top problem only seems to happen when i'm using that 'supergrid' i made. it still has the problem but i wouldn't spend any time trying to get it to work, jgpaiva, i think i'm tired of that layout. thanks for trying though.


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