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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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just a slight addition to the super grid - i've added zones for left one third across by half screen up/down.

i've noticed that gridmove has started to lose the ability to appear 'on top' of the windows that are open - i know this bug was reported before - just thought i'd mention it as i hadn't encountered it before.

Ok, a new update!

The ontop bug should be fixed now, it looks like it's working.
The program is now more responsive, due to changing the inner workings a bit. The titledrag method now works on windows other than the active one too. (on prior versions, you had to first select the window and then drag the title).

Also added a tooltip helper which comes up on the first run of gridmove.

nice job, jgpaiva.

it does look more responsive and i've not seen any 'on top' problems yet.

i seem to have found a new bug.

normal window resizing, i.e. using the mouse to drag the edges of a window, now appears to be slightly broken when gridmove is running.

it doesn't seem to matter which grid is being used (i thought it might have been something to do with the one i made).

this is what tends to happen:

begin dragging a window edge to change the size of the window and the mouse cursor will either lose a 'grip' on the edge (or corner) of the window. or, the window that is being resized will jump behind the windows underneath it.


i'm confident in saying this only happened with the latest version. unfortunately i don't have the previous version now to test.


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