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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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just realised another thing - at the moment the keyboard shortcuts only work with the grid numbers - could we also have shortcut keys assigned to the 'ontop' and 'restore' triggers - maybe use the 'space' and 'enter' keys???

Intel P4 Dual Core 3.2, 2048MB ram, Nvidia GeForce 6800, Windows XP MCE 2005. All that happens is a resolution change (and as you see in the screencast, I do manually reselect the 4 grid option). What else do you need?
-Josh (July 23, 2006, 03:12 PM)
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I think i know what the problem is (at least, i hope so ;) ). Did you start gridmove before changing the resolution?
The screen sizes are only calculated once, at the start of the script. So, if you start gridmove before you change the resolution, it'll be all messed up.
I'm not sure if that's the problem, but please try starting it after the resolution change, or reload it after the resolution change.
The specs i was looking for were moore like number of screens and resolution of each of them ;)

Notice that on the right-click swap, you can customize the grid order to include .grid files on the same directory as gridmove.exe. Just append ",nameofthefile.grid" to that list.

Oh, i'd forgotten about those. On prior versions, there were shortcuts to enable/disable the interaction methods but i removed those as i thought they weren't that useful.
I already tried to have a background on the numbers, as i've found the exact same problem you did. I didn't have much luck, though. I guess i'll have to try to find another way of doing it ;)

I see what you mean by having the trigger zones have the transparent background like the highlight does.That's a good point, i hope i can do it, i also think it's a big improvement.

AhAh... The ontop bug... That had happened to me. it's a damn weird bug, it shouldn't occuor. I had already looked into but couldn't find a solution for it. That's a damn hard one, i think.

Good point about adding the other options to the keyboard shortcuts. I think i need to revise the way those work, because having a lot of shurtcuts made out of single keys will become complex as there already are a bunch of options. I think most probably the non-numeric options will be changed into typing part of the name of the option (as some options have the same start (reload / restore)).

Unfortunatelly, i have bad news. On my latest post, i mentioned i had the command working on drop zone mode, but i didn't test it as i should. It can't be done like i did, which means it isn't working.
I'll now upload the version i did before, that uses a different syntax for the .grid files.

here's my first 'super grid' if anyone would like to try it.

it's probably going too far for most people - i'm trying to cover almost every window size whilst still retaining some kind of visual cue as to what you will get from a trigger zone.

i tried to do a screengrab so that you'd get an idea of the grid zone layout but i couldn't get anything to do the grab (printscreen won't do it).

i hope someone finds it useful - or even a grid file to modify.

i'll upload a screen edge trigger version (or something similar) when i've made one.

just a quick request, jgpaiva. can we have an option to turn off the right mouse click that loads in the next grid layout.

i keep accidently making a right click and then having to load in my .grid file from the menu to get things working.

(i think my right click finger has a mind of its own.)


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