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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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orbidia, I did mention the email I have registered in the forum, but most people miss that :)
I answered you yesterday, I hope you got the email!

Hi folks, is this still an active topic?

as it suggests above it isn't - but i have a question / feature request for Grid Move

It would be great to not only have
 - Monitor1Top
 - Monitor2Top
 - ...

But also to have an option
 - MonitorActiveTop
 - MonitorActiveBottom
 - ...

First of: I'm a keyboard guy...
I have my Grids set up as the numpad suggests it (so 1 is left bottom; 5 is center; 6 is half right;...)

For my other monitors i have a similar system - just one decade higher (11 is left bottom on second screen, 21 on third)

the Fast Move works perfectly on the main monitor - but for the other monitors i'm not able to use fastmove, since it does not interpret more than one digit. (so i use the command hotkey - which is slightly slower, of course)

so my actual idea:

set up a grid that uses not a fixed monitor, but the actual (where the mouse is present) monitor

so instead of setting up 9 grids for each monitor, i would only need 9 grids at all.

other option would be to tell fastmove to interpret more digits as well (in order to use fast move to grid 24)


Hi poidi!

I find your idea interesting, I would only suggest that to aim at a 100%-focused keyboard solution, it would be better to consider that "actual monitor = monitor where the window is".
Regardless, and to be honest, I have posted the code for GridMove on github because I haven't been able to followup on the requests posted to the forum (I've explained it elsewhere, but basically not being a Windows user anymore makes developing GridMove a burden instead of a pleasure).
So, unless someone else steps up to fullfil your request, I fear it won't be done :(

I'm really sorry for this,

Hi jgpaiva,

I am finding that its not working very well in Windows 8.  I have a donation ready to go.... can you fix it?

I am finding that its not working very well in Windows 8.  I have a donation ready to go.... can you fix it?-kippg (March 23, 2014, 12:13 PM)
--- End quote ---

this might be worth testing (I havent tried it lately, so cant comment) -
GridMove Lite Portable | Windows7/8 ready, combine w/ Aero Snap | XP/Vista Supp.


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