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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Halbyrd: could you send me the grid and describe the behaviour you were expecting?

geraldzjh: using always on top again should work, it is supposed to "toggle always on top".

jgpaiva: grid file is attached, though it displays this misbehavior with every grid I've tried. Basically, it acts like my monitors are flipped, so grids for monitor 1 show up on monitor 2, and grids for monitor 2 show up on monitor 1. I haven't had this problem until just recently, when I switched to a NVidia video card.  The example grid I've attached is set up for a 2x(1680x1050) desktop, side by side. I use the Win+G hotkey to relocate windows; all mouse activation is disabled in GridMove's options, so it won't conflict with Aero Snap.

Oh... That is completely new to me, I've never seen it happen :(

That's great! Thanks jgpaiva!

I'm currently using 'twinsplay'. It's very simple - only provides two vertical zones, but it's effective by using the hotkeys. I will search for better programs but now I feel good enough. You may have a try with it.


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