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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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thanks for your reply :) Good news...

I´m using GridMove for some Weeks now and i´m really happy with it while using 2 LCD displays.

No major problems beside the already mentioned "TitleBar height problem" which happens in about 40% of my usage. (It´s not that annoying, but i would love too see it fixed some time.)

Donated you some Bucks! :)


Hi jgpaiva,

First of all many thanks for this nifty app, it really helps me to do some cross-reading and when comparing some content on the large screen with exactly equal-sized windows.

Since I quite like the functions and the possibility to create-your-own-template, I was wondering if I could also use it at work, but the license type obviously does not allow that. So is there any way to get an approval to use it in an office environment? The purpose (at least in my case) would be restricted to using it on the desktop PC, not to implement parts or all of the app in a commercial software or the like.

I am not sure this is the proper place to ask this question, but then again I could not find any suitable way of contacting the author. Apologies if I misbehave here with my first post ever.


It´s very quiet in here? :D

It´s very quiet in here?
--- End quote ---
Well, Hello! It's nice to see you posting, at least.


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