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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Hmm... Does not work for me as admin either... Nor with compatibility mode nor any combination i have found  :huh:


That's really strange, Victor. Unfortunately from my testing, it works under my friend's win7, thus there's not much more I can do... Can you provide more details?

I sure understand that... I have the same behaviour on both my Win 7 computers (one 32bit and one 64bit). I am though going to install a new computer later this week so i can check everything again with the newest version of all programs. I'll get back on this.

And deatails, well... Nothing really happens (apart from normal drag action) when grabbing close to the top left corner and the edge method does not work either. Other windows (like firefox) work well though... Apart from msn things like the calculator and the "run" dialog does not work. Control panel and most other windows work though AND Msn Live Messenger in fullscreen mode!!!


What you are describing is similar to what I have observed on my friend's windows 7, however, after I enabled admin mode, it went away. In order not to clutter the thread with this, maybe we should solve it through PM and then post the result here, ok?

Hi. I downloaded GridMove V1.19.62 today to my Windows XP Pro PC (since I love the snap feature on my Win7 PC). I cannot get it to work!! I see it in the taskbar but I do not see any grids on my desktop and when I drag a window it does nothing!! I've rebooted, tried different grids, turned options off and on.. nothing  :(

I was thinking maybe there's a conflict with a cpl other customization softwares I use...
Stardock WindowBlinds and Stardock Fences (free version)

Any ideas??


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