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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Right, I had forgotten about that thread. I follow-up this topic there.

jschwarz you're now my hero!!!

I've fixed the putty thing, i'll be updating gridmove in a bit ;)
-jgpaiva (January 28, 2008, 09:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

I updated ( my local GridMove to give the same behavior to pietty.  It's a putty derivative that allows for clickable URLs, and signs up as the handler for ssh:// URLs (the main reason I use it).  It also has transparency, better multilingual support, and fancier window options, for those that are into that kind of thing.

The patch centralizes the logic a bit and would make it easy to add other applications that need resized the same way in the future.


Hey tgmayfield!
Thanks for the diff, and specially thanks for the pietty link, that looks neat :)

A note on pietty: make sure to set your character set. It defaults to being impossible to read (at least on my system, where I don't have the code page).

pietty uses the putty defaults when you open ssh:// URLs, so best bet is to open Putty, hit Window > Translation, change character set to UTF-8, then save over the defaults.

Hi Jp and the rest.

Congratulations on what seems like a really cool program. :Thmbsup:

Suggestion: Send all open programs (the ones that appear in the task bar) to grid.

The reason why I came accross your program is that lately I'm using lots of programs on my computer simultaneously (as most of us do) and was shocked to learn that windows doesn't have a hotkey to actually present all program windows in mosaic mode (or cascade). Well, apparently, it can be done if you go to your taskbar management, blah blah blah, and half an hour later, you can do it, which is absurd if you ask me!

By the way, does anybody know if such a program exists already? press control + whatever and your windows appear in mossaic or cascade mode... like MIRC used to do (if you've ever used IRC).

It's really quite shocking that "Windows" can do just about anything ... except manage windows in a smart way! :D


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