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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Thanks AxCrusik!

I recently have moved to Vista64, and also was glad to find that gridmove works.
Unfortunatelly, i haven't been able to update gridmove for quite a while (been VERY busy with school stuff) and there are still some loose ends, but it's good to know that it's still usable enough for people to use it everyday :)

Currently I made my own hack to grid system. What you need is
power pro

What I did is that I assigned winsplit shortcuts to mouse and window titles with powerpro.
So if I middle click to right portion of any title bar my window moves, resizes(half of the screen size) and snaps to right side
So if I middle click to "minimize" my window moves, resizes(half of the screen size) and snaps to bottom of the screen
And I covered all the corners(left, top) etc this way. You do not need to use shortcuts or enable disable anything.

I thought this was a damn good hack and works beautifully. If anyone is interested I can give my powerpro and winsplit settings.

Also you can do this without winsplit in powerpro but I found this hack easier.

but I just love all those preset (i.e. made by others, in particular jgpaiva) options -
window #1 takes two-thirds of the screen, window #2 takes the other third, or 3/4 or whatever...this way, that way ...
I'm a fan of powerpro but only use it fairly basically, but I think in this case, I suspect its worth running the other app = gridmove !

Hi jpgaia,

I lost track of this thread for some time. Could you update me on a feature request you have accepted. That is moving around the current window using the modifier key + arrow keys. This assumes that each for each grid definition, the user defines the logic of the ordering of the grids. For example, modifier key + left/right arrow moves in this order: Grid1-> Grid2 -> etc. Have you implemented this ?

Hi ppass!

I think that feature is currently being discussed in another thread, but i still haven't gone around to implementing it..
Unfortunatelly, it has been too much time since the last time i updated gridmove, i've been packed with school work :(


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