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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Ah, sequental move, thanks i just forgot. Actually i think that should be added to menu, no?
Win-G-R is nice ofcourse but im speaking about "direct" reload hotkey, same with maximize/minimize and screen move.
The thing is when i view notebook on 2nd monitor i had to switch inputs to see windows which were opened on that monitor or press alt-space-m (move) and keep 'left' pressed for a while to see it on 1st screen.
-painz (March 07, 2008, 06:34 AM)
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The problem is that gridmove already registers quite a few hotkeys, and if i add more of those, very soon you want to use another app that has hotkeys, and gridmove has it registered, see what i mean?

Hmm sat making new dual-screen grid and noticed that sometimes it cant shutdown itself when I press win-G-R and runs multiple copies in tray :/
-painz (March 07, 2008, 07:00 AM)
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I can't quite understand why that happens, it must be the same problem that was causing multiple instances of gridmove when the auto-reload was working :(

it looks like your task bar needs to be visible at all times to be able use this one. I personally prefer to see these menus show up on ever window`s title bar

Hi ansalon!
I'm glad you like gridmove :D

Regarding your suggestions:

1: There's a way better solution for this: winwarden. It lets you do exactly what you asked.

2: Winwarden can do that too, IIRC :)

3: To be honest... That sounds exactly like a multiple desktops app. It's impossible for me to make something nearly as good as the multiple options out there (the one i recommend is dexpot) and i'd just be reinventing the wheel.
-jgpaiva (February 12, 2008, 09:05 AM)
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I'm just reporting that Brandon told me GridMove works perfectly under Windows Vista. I'd like to get a few more opinions on this, to make sure it's stable in Vista, since i can't test it myself.
-jgpaiva (February 15, 2008, 05:26 PM)
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I have always used GridMove on Windows Vista.  It almost always works fine.

I have only observed two strange behaviors, and unfortunately I haven't recorded the details so you will probably not find this report useful.  Nevertheless, here they are:

1)  Two or three times, I have noticed that there were multiple (sometimes even more than ten) instances of GridMove running.  It showed up multiple times in Task Manager, and it showed up multiple times in the notification area.  I think I remember that this was a time when I was experimenting with different screen configurations, so lots of resolution changes were involved.  GridMove continued to work fine.  When I noticed, I just right-clicked on each of the GridMove icons in the notification area and closed them until there was only one left.

2)  About half of the time, when I restart Vista, after logging in, I see a dialog that says that a previous instance of GridMove could not be terminated.  It asks if I want to wait.  If I answer yes, everything works fine.


Thanks for your reports!

Well, what you mentioned is a known problem, that i solved by removing the auto-reload. The problem is that sometimes when the resolution changed, when gridmove reloaded, it'd stay running. I can't understand why that happens, because it's related to the way Autohotkey does the reload.
If you'd like to solve that, just download the most recent version.

About gridmove on vista... I'm now running vista, and i've been having a few problems (hotkeys not being released, and the overlay moving too slow, mostly).
But i intend to make a review of gridmove sometime in the future, and then i'll add that info to gridmove's page ;)

I have been using GridMove for a year and a half now and I use it daily (still with my custom grid). It is one of the most useful programs on my computer and whenever friends see me snap a window into place they are amazed and wonder how I did it. I recently dual-booted my computer with windows vista ultimate 64 bit and was pleasantly surprised to discover that grid move is compatible. I have a 30" monitor with a 19" widescreen monitor in portrait orientation next to it so I rarely maximize windows. Instead I snap them to half or quarter screen areas. It seems like you have been busy fixing bugs and implementing new features so I will have to check out the latest version of GridMove to see what's changed. Thanks a lot and congratulations on your success!


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