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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Sorry, Rgb9001... I really can't remember the name of that program :(

Sorry for bothering you again, had to reinstall windows, downloaded .53 and win-arrows doesnt work anymore :( am i missing something? Also now i use 2nd monitor for notebook too and would be nice to have some shortcut for moving window between monitors (without grids just throw it to another monitor, something like win-pgup/pgdn, and actuallly maximize/minimize from kybd could be a nice addition too...). And reload with keyboard shortcut since auto-reload didnt work back then. Thanks again.

Hey painz!

.53 still has that feature, but you have to enable it through the ini, like in the other version... It's the "sequential move" key, set it to '1'.
There is already the "reload by keyboard" feature: press win+g and then 'r' ;)
Currently, you can add a minimize/maximize element to your grid (i think the edge grid includes a mazimize element) and then press win+# :)

Ah, sequental move, thanks i just forgot. Actually i think that should be added to menu, no?
Win-G-R is nice ofcourse but im speaking about "direct" reload hotkey, same with maximize/minimize and screen move.
The thing is when i view notebook on 2nd monitor i had to switch inputs to see windows which were opened on that monitor or press alt-space-m (move) and keep 'left' pressed for a while to see it on 1st screen.

Hmm sat making new dual-screen grid and noticed that sometimes it cant shutdown itself when I press win-G-R and runs multiple copies in tray :/


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