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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Actually.. To be honest, i don't quite know how to retreive the information about the window being resizable or not :(
Maybe someone could give me a hand?
-jgpaiva (November 12, 2007, 04:57 AM)
--- End quote ---
You could try basing it on the window's style.

--- ---WinGet winStyle, Style, A
if (winStyle & 0x40000) { ;0x40000 = WS_SIZEBOX = WS_THICKFRAME
   ;code to resize
}I'm not sure if that'll work for all windows or even if you need to take into account the minimize and maximize/restore buttons as well.

Hey, this is great! I especially like the 'Drag on Window Title' method.  8)  Thank you!

My one problem is that some applications put vital buttons on the left edge of the title bar.  For example, MS-Office 2007, having done away with normal toolbars, puts the most vital toolbar buttons on the left section of the title bar:

I can increase GridMove's title size setting, so that I have an area for GridMove that won't trigger the buttons.  The problem is that I can't click the title-bar buttons without triggering GridMove, and thus instantly moving/resizing my window.

Perhaps the most basic solution is for GridMove to ignore a single-click that is not then accompanied by some minimal drag.

For further flexibility, what about giving an additional setting for "title bar inset size", so that I can inset my GridMove zone by a few hundred pixels, thus also keeping the tooltip text from covering my existing buttons' tooltips/menus?  And for that matter, there could be the setting to inset the zone from the _right_ edge of the title bar, instead, or to make the zone be the _center_ section of the title bar.

It wouldn't even be totally necessary to add an interface for adjusting these settings.  --Something in the INI file with an appropriate comment/hint on its meaning would do.

I think this would make GridMove much more compatible with MS-Office 2007 machines.

Thanks again!


Hey dan!

Yep, it's not the first time someone requests something like that ;)

Just check the TitleLeft variable in the ini file. It represents that "title bar inset size" you mentioned!

The other solution you mentioned would be great too, but i just can't do it right now :(


I would like Gridmove to ignore / exclude some applications that I list. For example, I extensively use VBA with small custom UserForms, and when I move them around, they sometimes end-up being increased and moved with Gridmove, which I want to avoid in this case. So for example, I would like to specify to Gridmove not to play with VBA UserForms. In the Windows API this is referred to as lpClassName = "ThunderDFrame" in the FindWindow function.

Another question, is there a minimum value for "Set Title Size". My experience is that below 30, I cannot click in the left area of the title bar. Is this specific to my system , (I use Windows XP).

Hi everyone,

this is my first post here. I have been looking for a program like gridmove. Let me explain.

Last year AOL released a program called Openride. And I must say that all software released by AOL is trash... except for this one. Truly it is the only aol software I've used and liked. What made it really cool was the interface, a 4 pane design that let you do everything at once. The program itself was a big container that divided screen into 4 quadrants: Email, IM, Web, and Media. When you started the program the browser had most of the view, but all panes were visible. If you clicked on one of the other panes, it would resize and become the largest view, but again, at least a sliver of all panes were visible (There was a maximize button that would bring it to 100% view, when a window was maximized this way the icons of the other quadrants was still available at the top so you could hop between them). There was also a dynamic sizer button, where the vertical and horizontal dividing lines intersected. You could drag this point around and it would automatically resize all the windows based on your input. The video is still up here. (Watch the intro, and the dynasizer chapter) Well, if the software is so great why am I telling you guys? Well, earlier this year, despite a plethora of good reviews, AOL openride was cancelled completely and is now inoperable. The software was replaced with something called AOL Desktop that takes out the automatic view features and brings back a classic AOL interface (codename: "suck"). I think that most AOL Lusers didn't know how to use it and AOL didn't realize what they had so they scrapped it. I think that gridview, or a new program could be written to behave similarly. However instead of hardcoding certain programs into this container app, one could choose whatever program they wanted to put in any quadrant (Maybe I want winamp in the lower right, and outlook in the upper left one day, and the next I need excel and word open side by side). Also maybe have an option of 2 or 3 panes instead of 4, or have an empty pane, etc.

As you can tell I really really liked Openride and hate to see it go, but the interface idea is just too good to forget. It differs a bit from gridmove in that the program I envision is a program that "houses" other programs and dynamically resizes them, but perhaps it would be easy to do, or maybe it is a new program entirely. Gridmove seems to be kind of on the same page as what I had in mind. What do you think? Is this possible? And again, this is my first time here so if I'm not following protocol let me know.

Thanks for your time!



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