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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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Richard S:
Sorry for butting in here.

I use a very wide monitor, and use a custom grid: three top-to-bottom windows side-by-side.  Suppose I have windows in the left (grid-number 1) and middle (grid-number 2) positions, but none in the right (grid-number 3) position (so on the right-hand side of the monitor I'm just looking at the Windows desktop).

If I try to snap the window in position 1 all the way across the screen to position 3 by holding down my left mouse button on the left side of the title bar of the window in position 1 and dragging the window all the way across to position 3, the mouse seems to throw the window that was in position 1 back into position 1, and instead pick up the window in position 2 that I'm merely crossing over and drop that latter window into position 3, leaving position 2 now window-less (ie it's now in the middle of the monitor, position 2, that I'm looking at the Windows desktop).

In other words, I'm having a lot of trouble successfully dragging a window across another window to a third grid position.

If anybody understood that--any suggestions?


Richard S: It appears like you've found a bug! Congratulations! :D
I'll contact you in pm ;)

spyda: i think i can do that. Just tell me: you mean having a grid just like AxCrusik's grid, but with the middle square working just like the vertical-2-part?
-jgpaiva (February 14, 2007, 02:35 PM)
--- End quote ---

Not quite, as regions 8 and 6 of the axcrusik grid will achieve the same effect as the 2 part vertical grid.

I am looking for the middle square to be divided up so that dragging to one side puts the main area across three quarters of the screen, in much the same way as the 3 part grid does. Then the same dragging to the others side of the square, but in reverse. So I guess what I am after is a combination of the axcrusik and the 3 part grids.

Does that make any more sense? is it possible to achieve?

Thanks again.

How about regions 1,2,3,4,5 and 7? Do you want them to move to the same place they do in axcrusik's grid?

I think so yes, although it would be nice to have the option to have the horizontal 2-part aspect of it covering three quarters of the screen top and bottom also.

Maybe I am asking too much though ...

Basically, I use only one screen at the moment and these features of the grid would allow me to use it more efficiently.

Have you got any further with the grid designer by the way? Would be great to have a GUI type interface for designing grids!


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