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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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oh, and thanks for the link, kimmchii.

i think 'gridmove' is the better program, though.

the scenario is like this: you move the window within a trigger zone, then you decide to move it a little bit but 'gridmove' thinks you want to auto resize the window (again).-nudone (May 30, 2006, 09:11 AM)
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Did that happen to you? I tried doing it, but all i got was a bit of flicker, since it was moved to the place, and then moved back.
The thing is: Right now, i reduced the time between the drag and the click, to avoid such situations.
Making the trigger click be longer, is not a big deal, i just am not sure if it would compensate having the work of stoping the mouse, and clicking longer, to the other effect. Still, worth a try.

i've also noticed a side effect where the window can be dragged even when the cursor is not over the title bar - this has been done in other programs several times before but maybe it would be nice to incorporate it into gridmove - only if it's a simple thing to do and it didn't create further problems - maybe it could work if both mouse buttons were held down at the same time?
-nudone (May 30, 2006, 09:11 AM)
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Sorry, I didn't understand. Did you get that effect, or would you like it to be implemented?

Having it in clicking with both buttons can be done, but will conflict with other apps (like opera), and might be buggy (i'm not sure, though).
Do you have a mouse with more than 2 buttons? ;)

i probably just need to try using the current version for a bit longer - then it probably won't have the side effects i mention.

i can drag the window when it's not over the title bar if i let the window auto resize/move and i don't release the left mouse button - so, really, the window is jumping to fit the grid zone but my mouse cursor is remaining in the same place on screen - if i keep the left mouse button down it gives the appearance that i'm dragging the window without using the title bar. it's not a problem.

the two button thing isn't worth the hassle nor is the moving windows without clicking on the titlebar.

the auto size to zone is all i wanted to i'm happy with how things are - i just need to use it a while longer to see if any other problems pop up.

thanks for the work so far.

i'm still finding the large trigger zones a problem.

this becomes especially problematic when manually adjusting a window to reduce it's size after it has taken up one half of the screen (but will be a problem also when just manually changing a window).

because the large zones make in very difficult to be out of a trigger zone it's very easy to set the trigger off just be resizing and repositioning a window. i don't really want to have to become super careful when trying to manually resize a window as it will defeat the object of having a tool like 'gridmove' automate things for you.

maybe the delay trigger unless the mouse is held down on the title bar (whilst the mouse and titlebar remain stationary) for a couple of seconds will help???

Ok... I've restricted the trigger.
Now, the trigger has to be a single click. If the person tries to drag the window after dragging it once, it will not snap the window, but move it. Let's see if this makes more sense.

I'm now working on the moving windows in places other than the title bar, as i also want it ;)
(you didn't answer me: does your mouse have a mouse wheel button?)

[edit]forgot the link.. GridMove Alfa2[/edit]


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