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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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er, yep, i'm still here.

just a quick suggestion - those 'restore', 'ontop', 'maximise' trigger zones would be easier to use if they were nearer the top of the screen. this way they would be nearer to the titlebar of the window, so less distance to drag.

(sidenote: 'studies' have found that buttons/menus and GUI stuff is easier to access when placed at the upper parts of the screen rather than at the bottom of the screen - we're talking mouse usability. hence menus always being at the top except for microsoft deciding to stick the taskbar at the bottom.)

as for the user .grid file right click selection - i'll probably only use my own .grid files with gridmove - probably only have 2 or 3 different grids, but it would be nice to be able to swap between them quickly so however that can be done i'd be over the moon.

i'll try the new version now.

thanks once again.

i might well be talking rubbish when saying i'll have 2 or 3 grids files - i will probably just create one super grid that does everything - it will make more sense.

cool, how the restore, etc trigger is so easy to include - i like that. good thinking when you made it.

oh yeah, the reload feature is cool too.

would it be possible to assign shortcut keys for enabling/disabling the different 'modes': Lbutton, Mbutton, edge drag?

might also be a nice cosmetic improvement if when you use the 'ontop' trigger their is a visual cue, i.e. the word 'ontop' appears on screen - maybe.

on the point of visual cues - is it possible to make the letters/numbers that do appear on screen to be more visible - like with a background or border around them as they can be difficult to read sometimes.


i can't quite remember if you said this wasn't possible to do?..

can the 'trigger zones' be made to be more visible. at the moment they are transparent with a white border. could they be something like semi transparent with a white border - rather like the 'resize zones' appear.

i say this as i'm creating a grid that behaves more like a screen full of large buttons (trigger zones) but it can be difficult to identify exactly which 'trigger zone' you are moving across/into - i'm also making matters worse by leaving areas of the screen without a 'trigger zone', i.e. just a blank area. i don't have to do it that way so that's my own fault but it would certainly be nice if the 'trigger' areas were more visible. what i'm asking/hoping for would only make sense if the 'trigger' area under the mouse cursor temporarily become more prominent/visible as the cursor passed over it.

i really hope this is possible.

just found a 'bug' with the use of ontop windows and the 'trigger' grid.

a window that is 'alwaysontop' prevents the grid from appearing above it - hope that's not a complicated thing to fix.


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