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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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nudone's suggestions are interesting but, speaking from personal experience, i might advise taking some time to let them sink in before embarking on implementing them.. they sound like they might involve some real work and im not sure about their long term use.

for example:
wheel select of grids - i may have suggested it but i realize now its not ergonomically fun to use wheel while left mouse is down and right clicking through grids feels perfect to me.  also - i dont think very many people are going to be adjusting grids on the fly very often.  i suspect we will each have our favorite and rarely change it.
grid pop up over cursor - this is a fun idea BUT it sounds like a lot of work.
red dot - this is something that seems like after you got used to the program you wouldnt need or want, but could be difficult to do without causing some side effects (occassional dots left on screen, cpu performance hit).

my #1 request in terms of efficiency would be let the digit key work after you activate grid mode even through mouse, just as they work when you hit win+g.

well, again, anything i suggest - i'd only want to see it done if it was an 'option' and not something forced on the user.

the 'mini' grid idea, well, the way it would speed things up would be good but i also realise that as you are probably going to move your cursor down to the location the window has 'zoned' to, then you probably aren't being that more efficient. the only time it would make a difference is when you were moving windows out of the way and not necessarily working with them immediately after the move.

something has just occurred to me - and maybe this is how the 'mini' grid has already been interpreted(?) - what if the 'mini' grid didn't move windows to different locations on the screen but instead only resized them...

or, again, there was the option of it doing just a resize and/or a move.

it would be nice (and look good) if as you move the cursor around the mini grid a transparent template of the new size for the window appeared and updated on-the-fly so you could see what size the window would change to when you release the mouse button.

all very complicated to implement i'm sure - it's just a thought, maybe something for gridmove version 5.

ithink the 'mini' grid idea would lend itself better to the 'ontop', 'restore' functions also.

You actually gessed what i mentioned i had tried.
I've been thinking, and the grid on the mouse needs to have a complete rewrite of the whole code. I misunderstood what you mentioned. But i have already tested this latest options you mentioned:
If the grid was dynamic, it could use variables like mouse position and resize the window based on that information (like the maximize vertically / horizontally works now).
But this is limited, the grid's trigger has to be fixed because the gui is generated at the beggining, generating it each time the grid comes up would take too much time.
But using this grid, we could have some really cool grids.

Anyways, for now i'll focus on making the command work on drop zone mode and on the red dot helper.
Next i'll also make a "help mode", which will display some tooltips when gridmove is running, so that new users can get aquainted faster with the program ;)

I now expect everyone's beta testing, to find bugs, and improve this program, so that it can have it's own page and go out in the public during the next week.

Also, please try to mention a better suiting name, so that i can open a poll to find the best name for it.

'gridmove' sounds kinda snappy to me.



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