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Many times when I make a consultation in this forum (i am from canary islands....) I received wonderful help with additional words to search. In google with the right words (sound, image,.....) you can find everything.
I use Goldmine (a CRM software) as a knowledge database.
With almost 800000 registers i need to find the adequate words to find quickly what i am searching for.
In front of the complexity of the languaje I prefer to use keys and a simplified language to find easy.

I need simplify the way i search in goldmine with the adequate keys.

In Nowadays we are victims of the language and in profit of the companies. By example Microsoft : almost every windows version has changes in the language that are not really necessary. My PC, Equipment , varies according version and usually there is not exist a corresponding table because of "economic interests".

The general idea is create NEW aspect for everything.

Suppose you have a weak memory like me. I begin with Windows DOS 5.0 or prior. I don't remember well. I have a few images associated with the icon "My PC" . And in my windows 7 i rename the Equipment (Equipo in spanish) with My PC (Mi PC).

That is what i am looking for : a phrase transformation according "my rules".

I am a dummy so I need an "indian language". In Canary Islands an indian is a man talking this way :

" i want drink" instead of "I want to drink a glass of water"

"My name is Wild Horse" instead of "Nice to meet you. My name is Pepe"

And So on.

what I need is a simplification of the language. And a software able to do this for me.

A sort of calculator of words, like a simplification of the language to make me my life simpler and easier.

Like a student vocabulary. Like those condensed book from Reader Digest. Tell more with less.

Of course we will lose many shadows and contrasts, but at least I will be able to find "more" in my database.

Best Regards

Searching and searching

I need :

Simple Learning Alternative Phrases Machine

Free Portable Configurable Learning Desktop Style Translation Engine Machine

In english I find something : simplish

I need in spanish. There is a project about this in :
but really the link don't go well. Sometimes links works, but the project seemed to be stopped.

So I really need a

Multi Replacement Tool configurable.

Sure is a free tool for this.


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