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This could revolutionise online ecommerce (decentralised eBay)


Have a look:

What began as an award-winning concept for a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace could turn into a revolution in e-commerce.

OpenBazaar is set to take the stage at this weekend’s Bitcoin in the Beltway conference, a Washington, DC-based event that will bring together digital currency leaders and thinkers including Charlie Shrem and Vitalik Buterin. There, project maintainer Brian Hoffman will lead a discussion on the much-hyped decentralized market project.

The concept, formerly known as DarkMarket, won the Toronto Bitcoin Expo Hackathon in April for demonstrating a fully functional P2P market platform with robust decentralized infrastructure, one that enables commerce to take place without the risk of outside actors disrupting the service.

Hoffman told CoinDesk that the central value proposition for OpenBazaar is the freedom of two parties to engage in a transaction without having to rely on the security and integrity of a questionable centralized network.
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More at the links.

OpenBazaar has officially released.

OpenBazaar is now released on the mainnet and is ready for real transactions. You can download the program on the OpenBazaar website.

You can read our user tutorial explaining how to use OpenBazaar for the first time. If you need help, join our Slack or visit our help center.

If you’re not familiar with OpenBazaar, it’s a decentralized peer-to-peer network for trade that uses Bitcoin. That trade happens directly between buyers and sellers with no one in the middle – and no fees or restrictions on trade.
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