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Possibly interesting blog post from a pirate/Steam gamer


Presented without comment:

The Steam Summer Sale: A Celebration of Markets (by an ex-pirate)

(or, How a Near-Anarchic Company Killed My Desire to Pirate, Provided Me Countless Hours of Entertainment, and Made a Killing in the Process)
--- End quote ---

More at the link...

Great Link!  And the bit about 37% of activated games are never played?   :-[ Yeah... I contribute to that number quite a bit.

Good article with many valid points. When the cost in effort to pirate something genuinely exceeds the monetary savings gained by doing so, it will stop. Or so says the arguments behind implementing DRM. Steam makes DRM as painless as possible.

But I still think GoG has a better approach. 8)

GoG has a different approach... I wouldn't agree better.

I buy a lot of games.  Too many games.  Way too many games.  I'll even buy the same game over for certain incentives.

Personally, I know that GoG doesn't have DRM.  That is a concern... but...

Games on GoG - 147
Games on Steam - 505

During a summer sale, I'm checking back and refreshing on Steam.  On GoG... I forget.

It's the community that pulls me back on Steam.  And the refreshing approach to selling me stuff.

I just don't get that on GoG.  So though GoG does have the advantage and selling point of no DRM... it's just not enough.


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