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How to do the dirty on google, or almost? Could we learn something here?

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You wanna say such sites will function for some weeks, then they're detected, then some other scheme has some short-lived success? Here again, that's certainly true with numerous little tricks old and new, but that site seems to be well-established, and then its content bits are just teasers to content google links to anyway, direct; I simply cannot imagine good does not see, and for a long period of time on top of that, it's dedoubling links, real ones, and then to intermediaries where there's just, not even "summeries" (where google might even see some interest in), but just the very first 200 or so chars of the "real thing".

In other words: I'm sure such a cross-checking detection between at least the very first 20 or 50 links should be deemed to very well exist in google's sort algorithms (since they do lots of much more elaborate stuff than that, and will not overlook such really easy, and obvious things), so why don't they relegate it to position 80, and what's the business model of that site... and then, of their customers putting their money into it?

In other words again: It's AGAINST seo, and it works nevertheless, and fine, and not just for some weeks, so where's the clue, from triple pov: theirs, their customers', and google's: what's the hidden glue that holds it all together?

May be not exactly related to the topic,just to say that....

As fast as google taking steps for those spam linkers ,just as fast they also discovering new holes for getting there job's not something new to know..they both been playing this game for long time....and i don't think any one of them r ever going to being too much worried about these things are meaningless..

Prince1458, you're icon spontaneously reminded me of Turandot, don't know why, but anyway, there's some of the best music of all time in there...

You imply your post somewhat OT, well... MY point (and you've not been the very first poster to not get that point) was, why is it that site is SUCCESSFUL with what they are doing? ;-) (Or is google corrupt to THAT point?)


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