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CodeSpaces site (company) destroyed

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Ok, just got a shiver after reading this article about suffering a destruction of not just their web site, but their entire set of servers!

Anyone else using Amazon Web Service?  Change the passwords, quick!


I hope they find the person and roast them.

Stoic Joker:
Hay everybody! Cut lose from your IT worries ... Come join us in the cloud! It's so easy, and cheap, and trouble free, and it's... It's... :o

...It's all F'ing Gone Man!!?! :'(

Yes 40hz, that was just for you. ;)

Frankly I'm surprised we don't hear more of these stories. Because all to often companies use easy/cheap/free cloud services as an excuse to either fire or just never hire IT staff that would have warned them about the dangers of assuming it was all just really that (magical) easy. Proper security and backup procedures still have to be followed. So for a backup company to lose all of their customers backups ... Because they weren't backed up properly... *Shrug* ...Sorry guys I can't really muster up a tear for that one.

^ from the comments:

DaveSimmonsArs Praefectus
yankinwaoz wrote:
Has AWS responded? For example, when the S3 buckets were deleted. Did AWS offer any sort of recovery? An S3 storage plan can have data migrated to Glacier, which provides a backup. If that was done, wouldn't that imply that AWS would have a backup sitting on a Glacier server of the S3 data?
--- End quote ---

No, It's up to YOU to set up backups, fail safes, Glacier, multi-factor authentication.

Amazon provides a set of tools, it's up to you to use them properly. These people apparently offered a backup and recovery service with a single point of failure, which is not a great design.


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