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Pasting screenshots in some of the MS Office products

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Julien Tosoni:

I am using 4.8.5 and have an issue with Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 (aka O365) for many months, that started with earlier versions of SC, but I can't recall which one...  :(

This affects only Word, Outlook or Powerpoint, not Excel, when pasting screenshots in these programs. Straight-forward paste (control-V for instance) will paste a very small bitmap. I should use the paste-special feature (and select the bitmap format) to get a correct size for these screenshots, instead of letting MS use the default DIB format.

So, the DIB image properties seem to not be properly set in the clipboard. If I close ScreenshotCaptor, further screenshots are properly sized. Interestingly, somedays the size is correct. I also observed this behavior after closing SC and restarting it, so it looks like something is not always initialized constantly. Most of the time, the size is not correct unfortunately...

I have checked this on two different computers. Both have a US copy of Windows Seven pro installed, with an i5 or i7 core 4 to 8 GB ram on HP platforms.

Any clue what can cause this?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Amazing product, second to none  :Thmbsup:

Julien Tosoni - Goodyear Dunlop Tires France.

Hi Julien.

One thing you might try is changing the DPI setting on the Image File Format tab -- especially if your DPI there is set to something higher than 96 -- since the default is now 96.

Keep in mind this would only effect NEW captures, not ones captured prior to changing the setting.

Julien Tosoni:
Hi Mouser.

Thanks for your fast reply. I have already tried this but to no avail...

Today started as a good day: I could paste normally in Office programs without using the paste special feature. But then, once I stopped and restarted SC, the issue was back. Definitely it looks to me that SC does not like my machines  ;D

The setup on these two computers I use is quite different: One of them is running Seven 32bits, the other one Seven 64bits. The 32bits one has PGP activated, the other one has no such disk encryption program. One has Dameware, the other not (could make a difference, as this tool inserts in the clipboard chain). Other than that, I see no program running in the background that can cause SC to behave differently.

I have downloaded 'Free Clipboard Viewer', a nice utility, to compare data in the clipboard when the issue is there and when it is not. I'll try to find any difference if that can help to pinpoint this issue (maybe the order the different formats are copied into the clipboard makes a difference?). I'll post as soon as I have a normal behavior (more rare than the 'abnormal' behavior).

Julien Tosoni - Goodyear Dunlop Tires France.

And this is pasting from a screenshot capture (not a scanner capture) right?

See if you can figure out more clues about when the problem happens and when it doesn't.

I think this was the same problem -


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