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How to create a folder automatically on my PC using a weblink on the browser


I have a url link on the browser page that is clickable (For example.,  Folder 2345 ). When I click this link, it should create a folder automatically on my computer, and should not prompt me with a file dialog box.
Does anybody know how to best achieve this?



You could try an AutoHotkey script.

In this example you would select the folder name in the browser, then hit the hotkey (control shift d) to copy it to clipboard and then make a folder with the name.  If there is no drive part in the folder name (does not contain ":") then it will be appended to C:\.

To test it uncomment the MsgBox line and comment out the FileCreateDir line

Clipboard text, if any, that was in the clipboard when the hotkey was pressed, is preserved.

--- Code: Autohotkey ---#SingleInstance ignoreSendMode InputClipSave := ""Root := "C:\"return ^+d::        ClipSave := Clipboard        Clipboard := ""        Send ^c        ClipWait 2        FName=%Clipboard%        If FName  not contains  :                FName := Root FName        Clipboard := ClipSave        ;MsgBox %FName%         FileCreateDir, %FName%return


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