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Ok. I like using the arrow keys :) so what I am going to do is allow you to choose to use either Arrow or Page keys and you can also choose the modifier key (Ctrl, Alt or Shift).

Update: v2.0.0.3 -

- Hotkey to switch panels can be changed to the Arrow or Page keys. See Note5.ini for more info
- Added color theme editor
- Removed Mini Note5 (for now)
- Right click in a note to see a list of URLs in that note and click to follow
- Import and Export text

Anyone get a chance to test this version? Any issues/comments?

Thanks for adding the panel switching options!  It's really becoming a slick program.

A couple of items that I ran across:
1. R-click on a note with a URL, then selecting that URL gives me this error:  "Run time error 12 at line 268" - Then the program terminates.
2. Theme editor:  Clicking the foreground color for Note 2, then 'Define Custom Colors' - it looks like I'm changing the foreground color, but the background color changes.  Not sure how to change the foreground color for Note 2.  (Haven't checked all the combinations for all the notes.)

From the INI file, it looks like you are planning to make the minibar resizable in the that correct?

Anyone get a chance to test this version? Any issues/comments?
-c.gingerich (June 24, 2014, 07:46 PM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for adding the option to configure the next note shortcut :Thmbsup:.

Could you make it so pressing the next/previous note shortcut opens the first/last note when no note is currently open? This would give a way to open the notes from the keyboard only when running the program.

Also, perhaps a way to directly open a specific note? Perhaps Ctrl-1-5 to open note 1 to 5 respectively.


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