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Good bye. (originally About buying books, etc., especially at amazon's)

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Let me start by saying: Don't leave.

This forum is filled to with eccentrics, oddballs, weirdos, nerds, etc.  Many are experts in one area and novices in another.  Some are young kids and others are little old ladies.  And we try to all get along and embrace our eccentricities.

No one is immune from some criticism and gentle prodding, and each of us has to find our place here, and find a way to get something beneficial from this place, and at the same time make this place more useful to others.  We can ALL benefit from advice, guidance, constructive criticism.

In that spirit, please accept what turns out to be very generic advice given to many forum participants over the many years we've been around -- advice I would do well to remember myself sometimes -- which is that brevity and conciseness are often worth their weight in gold.  It's not something that everyone has to be enslaved to all the time -- but it is something worth spending some effort on -- especially for those of us who can be verbose.

Anyway, the main point i'm trying to make is that, for better or worse, is that once you make yourself at home here we don't like to let you go :)

Am I the only reader here who is utterly confused by this entire thread?
--- End quote ---

Unlikely.  Which is partly why I was trying to encourage peter to make fewer points per post, and make it easier for the rest of us to cogitate on them.

^That much at least I did get. :)

Oh well. So it goes I guess.  :huh:

^  :Thmbsup:  :huh:  :tellme:


Peter, you are clearly quite bright. Few of us are used to your detailed style of posts. But per another thread, I gave you one of my "Mouser Bucks" because I recognized you have a lot to offer the forum.

Your language style reminds me of some older British writers such as Edward Gibbon. In that style, honed for a different age, there are a lot of subordinate sentences underneath the "headline" points.

So it looks like something began to drift wrong in this and maybe other threads. I certainly say a fair number of things! But an easy fix is to chop up your posts so that people can pick and choose which sections drift into their own lengthy discussions, and the others are quietly read and pondered. So just hit "post" several times, and there's even a thread where we like to notice "When Peter S hits his 100th post" (because we like fun numbers)!



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