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uninstall seems deletion in Android

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In that case I'd question the quality (or in fact the lack of quality) of the alternative app: If it won't cooperate with one of the standard Android/Google apps, it's not designed or developed correctly, and should not be used. If it makes your phone/tablet unstable or unreliable that app is buggy and should be removed asap!
-Ath (June 15, 2014, 04:17 PM)
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I think you know me. I install a lot !!!!!!!.
How can I determine the conflictive app ?
It's affecting the predetermined contacts application.

Deozaan I take note of the program Titanium .
But if i root the device i loss the two years warranty.....

I see Android for mobile is not so powerful as windows for the desktop.

Can I reverse o go to a prior point ?
Is a security copy of the mobile a sort of image backup i can restore ?
How can i solve the problem with the predetermined contacts database ?

I have three security copies with Kies 3

Best Regards

In other words :

have i to uninstall all applications i install previous to suffer the problem with de contacts predetermined application ?

Best Regards

I have adopted MyBackup
The security copy of the applications really save all the installable apk.

Don't require root administration.

Really root makes loose the warranty ??????


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