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uninstall seems deletion in Android

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Predetermined installed apps I can't uninstall without root rights. No problem.

But if i want to uninstall a conflictive version with the option to activate a few moments after i don't know how to do that.

In the system administration center I can force detention or uninstall , but how can I simply deshabilitate the app for not interacting with the others and dissappear any conflict ?

I see that option only in the not uninstallable apps.

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Please explain 'conflictive version', what conflict or what version?

Certainly i explain bad.

My question is more simple. How can i conserv to not download again not predetermined applications.
that is uninstall without uninstall......

P.D. Conflictive version is said in the sense that an unknown applications is causing problems in Android. In my case the contacts app don't go well after I installed or modified something.....


In that case I'd question the quality (or in fact the lack of quality) of the alternative app: If it won't cooperate with one of the standard Android/Google apps, it's not designed or developed correctly, and should not be used. If it makes your phone/tablet unstable or unreliable that app is buggy and should be removed asap!

Use Titanium Backup (requires root) and "Freeze" the app.


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