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Loss-Proof Text Editor

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In the last 5-6 years I have read the "Note-Taking Roundup" twice from beginning to end twice.  Unfortunately, my memory won't let me recall those trips and my reading now is a challenge.  I'm not lazy, but with short-term memory loss it becomes quite a chore.  Anyway, I can use some help.

I am looking for a freeware/payware note-taker/text editor that will keep every keystroke regardless if the is a power failure or a BSOD (I'm using an old Vista 64 Toshiba laptop).  I have had numerous instances of temporary freeze which can last up to a minute or so.  This is very detrimental to writing creativity and flow as well as keeping my thoughts straight.  If anyone has a candidate, it would be greatly appreciated.

I was using Evernote which performed well as far as keeping my work safe.  Unfortunately, it has begun to freeze more and more and for longer periods.  I'd be happy with Notepad if it could auto-save every keystroke.


These writing applications have optional auto-save:

* FocusWriter
* WriteMonkey
* Scrivener

I don't know of any editors that commit every single keystroke at once, I think this could be a problem performance-wise.

There are many that are able to auto-save at selected intervals. For instance, there is a plug-in for Notepad++ that allows you to auto-save on a fixed timer. And Vim lets you choose to write changes to a swap file after N number of edits.

Sublime Text does that too, it keeps even unsaved tabs in memory until you close the tab manually.

I use ResophNotes.


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