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PDAs - any use?

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We (my girlfriend and I) just bought 2 Palm Zire 31 I am searching for freeware for it now.
-thunder7 (June 06, 2006, 05:35 PM)
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Why not post what sort of software you're looking for? (eg, doc reader, screenshot capture, shopping list, etc etc)

Tetris Games I Love.

It was funny my Girlfriend said this:
I was telling her I love freeware and said, "I just cant see paying for something I can get for free." She exclaimed "is that what you say too all your girlfriends." ;D ;D ;D ;D

If anyone is looking for a cheap, basic PDA, CompUSA is running a special on the Palm Z22 (refurb) - $65 plus shipping:

One caveat - it's a refurbished unit, so CompUSA isn't taking returns.


Anyone have seen / used the Fujitsu Siemens Loox N500 series?


It's a Win Mobile 2005 PDA, with an integrated GPS (with internal antenna).
I was thinking about a PDA (to experiment with) and a navigator for some times, and this seems a nice combo!


Now I need a Palm Zire 31 Battery mine is DOA.

I need brand "New" and cheap. 8)


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