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Is Ctrl+V hard-coded or can we customize the paste method


Hi here,

I’m currently a Ditto user, but I’d really like to switch to CHS because of the very nice search & replace functionality it has.

I can’t use CHS now because paste is not working when PKL, my keyboard layout mapper, is running: instead of pasting the text I select from the Quick Past Menu, it inserts a . (dot), which is the character my V key is mapped to by PKL.

So my question is: is there any way to customize the key combination used by CHS to paste text?


hi Tibi
have you had a look at Options >Hotkeys ?
You *can* change the shortcut to bring up the QuickPaste menu, but I dont see any way of changing the straight-forward paste key.

In fact I think the Ctrl+V is simply the system default - if it doesnt work on your system, how do you normally paste?

Ctrl+V does work when using my fingers on the keyboard, but not when CHS is attempting to paste.
I can also paste with Shift+Insert, and I’d like to be able to setup CHS to use those keys, as I’m sure they aren’t touched by PKL (my AutoHotkey based keyboard layout manager).
I don’t think there’s such a thing as a system wide paste shortcut, it’s just a convention that most applications follow.

I had a similar problem.
Fix/workaround described in the discussion here: CHS tip - retain last clip's formatting with an AutoHotKey workaround script

Hope this is useful/helpful.

Thanks for the tip, but as PKL is also AHK based, I’m a bit afraid the two won’t cooperate.
Workaround for me now is to use ArsClip, not as nice and featureful as CHS, but it does what I need.


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