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ScreenshotCaptor now prevents CPU from going to low-power mode



While investigating my laptop's power consumption using "powercfg /energy" I noticed that ScreenshotCaptor is now listed as one of the processes that use the CPU in such a way that prevents it from being switched to its lowest-power mode. This was not the case previously (before 4.8?).

Process Explorer seems to reveal some sort of polling: see the huge number of cycles and context switches in the attached screenshot.

Can you please look into this (and fix the issue)?

Best regards,


Can you check this:

Go to "Startup Options" tab, and look where it says "Inactive Memory Use" -- and make sure you don't have it set to "Stay in Memory Longer" (try Minimal Memory Use).
I don't know if that will solve it -- it may be polling for changes to the screenshot folder to check for changes.. If so, i *might* be able to add an option to disable that.. though it could be messy.

The "memory" option, as expected, doesn't affect the polling.

You don't need to poll to discover changes in a directory: use FindFirstChangeNotification ( to get notified when something happens in the screenshot folder.

Any  news?

Can you email me ([email protected]) -- i'd like to try making a special build to see if we can figure out which library/component is doing the polling and go from there.


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