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[SOLVED] Ctrl+Alt+Del

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I develop kiosk software that goes onto systems at hotels, my client wants to disable Ctrl+Alt+Del and Ctrl+Esc. I have tried using AutoHotkey but it is not working for me. Anyone have some AHK code that does work or know of an app that can do this?


The Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination is caught at a very low level of Windows, and can't be caught without installing a specialized keyboard handler/driver, AFAIK.
Ctrl-Esc is a feature of Explorer.exe (AFAIR), and is also quite hard to intercept. Dunno about any AHK code for that, but I'm no AHK coder :-[

I really don't need to disable it, poor choice of words. Just remap the Ctrl Alt Del and Esc keys.... which is what I have tried without any luck.

To get rid of Control Esc this should work

--- ---^Escape::
  ;msgbox,Control Esc Pressed

uncomment the msgbox line to test.  For control alt del I'd try the AHK Forums.

Also if not done already you should disable TaskManager so the user can't kill the ahk process.  You can use the #NoTrayIcon directive at the top of the script so they can't right click on the tray icon and kill it.

You can remap a key to nothing just by


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