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Please help me find this video


Hi folks,

Back in 2007 there was a free video tutorial series named C# Soup to Nuts given by William J. Steele, sometimes referred to as Bill Steele. It seems the original links on Microsoft's website are no longer valid and the "archive videos" are linked to a domain that is no longer owned by Mr. Steele (and thus, no longer host the content). I'm hoping that somebody, somewhere has the videos archived. Unfortunately my searches have proved fruitless thus far. While it would be nice to have the entire set of lectures, I'm specifically looking for the one on Delegates and Events, which seems to have originally been recorded/released on February 19th, 2007.

Perhaps some of the fine folks here at DC will have better luck or know of better resources to search through to find these videos?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

How's this?

I was really worried when about 55 seconds in the screen went blank white. But a couple minutes later it worked again.

Thanks so much!

I was able to find Parts 11-21 simply by changing the filename in the URL.

Glad to hear it worked out :up:

As IainB has said elsewhere:

Thank goodness for the Archive

--- End quote ---


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