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What modern music (today) is considered to be both pop AND intellectual?

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When speaking of "rules" or "inspiration" and the dynamic between the two it's important to define terms. And it's something I don't think I can do with any hope for accuracy. It's another one of those "a hundred of things need to be said all together" things for me. Possibly because I'm too far into it, and it's become so embedded in my thought process, I no longer have much hope of being able to still experience or understand music from the perspective of a non-musician. I've "passed into The West," so to speak.

However... :)

Bobby McFerrin :-* refers to what I'm calling "rules" by the term "expectations" - which I think may be much closer to what passes for "rules" than a "rule rule" would. At least in music.

So Mr. McFerrin? If you would be so kind:



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